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Fences have a variety of different purposes, and they are also very important. Fences are important for optimum privacy and security, and they provide your home or business with a barrier from neighboring properties. Fences can accent your home or business, and can be built to last over 20 years. Finding the right fence for you can be tricky, but San Jose fence Builders is here to help you find the perfect fence!

San Jose Fence Builders offers a variety of expert fencing services including: fence installation, fence repair, pool fence installation, pool fence repair, gate installation, gate repair, sports facility fence installation, and sports facility fence repair. Our expert fence services also come with a variety of high quality fence materials and fence styles so that you can have a custom fence tailored to your home or business!

Fences have many functions, one of those functions being security. Security is especially important for any home or business when it comes to increased safety. A security fence can be almost any fence, but some security fences are built more secure than other fences.

Types of Security Fences in San Jose, CA

A common type of security fence is an iron fence with an angled top on top of the fence posts. Iron fences are popular amongst homes and business, because they are very versatile and durable.

An iron fence is not the only kind of security fence. Vinyl/ PVC privacy fences can be built for more security as well. We can install angled tops, as we would on an iron fence, amongst the fence posts for your vinyl/ PVC privacy fence, and add additional fence posts so that you can have more angled tops on your fence. That being said, with a vinyl/ PVC privacy fence you get optimum privacy and optimum security for your home or business.

Security fences are very prominent on various restricted commercial properties. That being said, San Jose Fence Builders will be sure to properly install as security fence around your commercial property.

One type of security fence is a chain link fence that is used around jail properties, with angled barbed wire at the top of the chain link fence. This is an especially high amount of security, ensuring that there will be no one climb in or out of that specific area.

Fence Builders Provides the Highest Quality Fences

By having San Jose Fence Builders install your security fence, you are trusting the best fence company in San Jose, CA. We offer expert security fence installation to both residential and commercial customers.

If you need a security fence around your hotel property, San Jose fence Builders can build you a high quality security fence. If you need a security fence around your residential property, San Jose Fence Builders can build you a residential security fence.

For more information on our high quality security fences, feel free to give us a call. We are happy to discuss your specific security fencing needs, and will help determine what your best option is when it comes to security fences.


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