The Best Fence Company in San Jose California

If you are ready for a new fence in the San Jose, California area, then look no further! You have stumbled across the best fencing company in all of California: Fence Builders San Jose. We are a San Jose, CA based fencing company who offers full fencing services. Our services include fence installation, fence repair, gate installation, and gate repair. Fence Builders San Jose also offers a variety of styles, colors and materials to satisfy all of your fencing needs.

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Top Rated Fencing Services

At Fence Builders San Jose, we work to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We offer free in person consultations, as well as phone quotes and online quotes. Our fencing company is staffed with fence installation experts who are here to ensure your fence is properly installed (or repaired) and is up to code. As part of the fence installation process, our fencing company is also a fence contractor offering fence contracts—something that is crucial when having a fence installed. A fence contract is important so that both company and customer are on the same page, and so that there are no hidden fees or surprises. We are an honest company, and will always honor our fencing contracts.

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Our Promise To You

Fence Builders San Jose will work with customers to ensure their current or future fence is exactly what they want it to be. Our consultations are thorough and informative, to make sure your fence is perfect for your wants and needs. Our team of experts work closely with customers, and take care of any coding or permit requirements to make this process as simple and care free as possible.
If you are ready to have a new fence installed, or even have your current fence repaired, feel free to contact us!

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Residential Fences and Commercial Fences

Fence Builders San Jose is a fence installation and fence repair company in San Jose, California that offers full fencing services. Our fencing company does not put a limitation on a residential or commercial lot. We will be happy to install a fence around your commercial lot, and around your residential lot.

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Residential Fences

Residential lots are important because that is where most of our customers reside. Our customers contact Fence Builders San Jose to have a fence installed or repaired, and we are always there to fulfill that need. We want to ensure that your fence is protecting your yard from intruders, and that your fence helps to keep your family and pets safe. Our fences offer a heightened sense of security and privacy, regardless of what style you are looking for. Residential style fences include vinyl, chain link, wood, aluminum, and so on. We also offer a variety of colors so that your fence can match your beautiful home.

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Commercial Fences

A fence on a commercial lot is something that can be very useful. Whether you are trying to protect your construction zone with a chain link fence, or if you have a vinyl fence that enhances the privacy and security of your business—we can ensure that your commercial lot is well protected with a professionally installed fence.

All Permitting Done By Us

The fence installation and repair team at Fence Builders San Jose will work first hand with our customers—regardless if they need a fence for a residential lot or a commercial lot. We take care of any coding or permit requirements from the state, county, city, and even local HOA and community regulations. We also offer fence contracts, to ensure that all parties involved are on the same page. A fence contract is important for all the details of our service to our customers, and will guarantee a professionally installed fence that is up to code.

Custom Fences San Jose, CA

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Fence Builders San Jose not only installs and repairs fences or gates, but we also offer custom fencing. We understand that every fence should have a unique look, and we are dedicated to ensuring our customers are happy with their fence.

As a fence contractor, Fence Builders San Jose works first hand with each customer, drafting a fence contract that will ensure a professionally installed and beautiful fence. The fence contract includes information about the fence, how Fence Builder San Jose will install the fence, and any other terms that may be required. Our process is thorough and effective, but we do all the heavy lifting to keep the fence installation process as simple as possible.

We are a google top rated fencing company in San Jose, California, and offer a variety of fence styles. We can keep things classic with a simple vinyl or wood fence, or give your home or business an elegant fence lift with one of our more elegant fence styles. The colors for each fence varies upon material, but we do offer different fence colors so that your fence matches perfectly with your residential or commercial lot.

Our fence building team is dedicated to working with the San Jose, CA area in order to make sure their custom fence is exactly what they ordered. They can explain the permit process as well as obtain the permits and bring your fence up to code. Our fence building team are experts in their respective fields and will ensure your custom fence is up to code and as beautiful as you imagined. To have a fence custom designed, just for you, feel free to contact us! We offer free phone and online quotes, and free in-person consultations.

San Jose Fence Installation

Fence Builders San Jose is a fence building company serving the San Jose, California area. We aim to heighten our customer’s sense of privacy and security through our fences and fence installation.

Our fences are built with the highest quality materials that come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. The Fence Builders San Jose team is staffed with professionals and experts who will properly install your custom fence. The team starts with either a phone or online quote, or an in person consultation to determine the customers fencing needs. Once meeting with the customer, our fence installation team will draft a fence contract that outlines the terms and service the customer will be receiving. Our team also takes care of any permits or special permissions from your community in order to keep this process as simple as possible for you. Once everything has been cleared, the Fence Builders San Jose fence installation team will begin to install your fence.

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Each fence installation has a thorough process that ensures your fence to stay standing for the life of the material you requested. We properly anchor the fence posts into the ground, and keep everything as even as possible, even flowing with the land should the fence need to.

Fence Builders San Jose will install and build fences on both commercial and residential land. If you are looking for a fence to keep intruders off your construction zone, we can build a chain link fence around the zone. If you are looking to protect your hotel or apartment complex pool, we can build an aluminum fence that will ensure protection of that pool. If you are looking for a fence to protect your yard, and to keep your pets and family safe, we can build a fence for that as well. While we may have some limitations on fences, there are not many. We want to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your fence!

Fence Repair San Jose CA

Did your fence recently suffer from some damage? Perhaps someone decided to drive right into your fence, knocking part of it down. Maybe a post is starting to lean, threatening the structure of that part of the fence. Maybe your fence needs repairs on something as simple as paint chipping off. Whatever the reason for your fence needing to be repaired, Fence Builders San Jose is here to help

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The first step in repairing a fence is to come out and assess the damage. Our fence repair team will arrive on your property at a time that is convenient for you and will properly assess the damage. Unlike most other fencing companies, we will not try to sell you a new fence if we can prevent it. Our team will work hard to do everything in their power to make sure your fence can be repaired.

One concern about fence repair is that the repaired part will not match the rest of the fence. Our fence repair team are experts in this area and will make sure the part of the fence that needs to be repaired will match the rest of the fence.
Fence repair is not simply just coming out and fixing part of the fence. We will need to obtain any permits or special permissions from the community in order to bring your fence up to code. Lucky for the customer, this fencing company will take care of any permits or special permissions. We understand that a broken fence can be stressful, so we want to make this process as care free as possible for you.

Gate Repair San Jose CA

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Fence Builders San Jose is offering our fence installation and fence repair around the San Jose, CA (California) area. In most cases, fences include a gate. Fence gates are essential to fences as they are the gateway in and out of your property. A broken gate can leave your residential or commercial property with less security and in danger. We offer gate repair services to help restore your sense of security and privacy.

When you hire Fence Builders San Jose, you are hiring the best fence company in all of the San Jose, CA area. Our repair team are experts with years of experience performing repairs on both fences and gates. Their mission is to restore your sense of privacy and security by ensuring your gate works properly. Even if your gate is an electronic gate that protects your residential community, we can repair that. Even if your gate requires a code, we can repair that. We also repair even the simplest gates and the most complicated gates. Regardless of what kind of gate you have, we will do our best to fix it!

Balcony Railings in San Jose, CA

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A type of fence that could be overlooked is a balcony railing. While most people do not consider this a fence when they think about fences, it truly is a fence. Balcony railings needed to be installed properly and properly maintained in order to keep people safe.

We offer many different types of balcony railings, as well as different colors of these balcony railings. We partner with our customers to help them design a custom balcony railing that is budget friendly but also serves all the needs of our customers.
Our balcony railings are made of the highest quality materials, and will be properly installed by our fence installation team. Upon installation, you can rest easy knowing you have an efficient balcony railing that will efficiently serve its purpose.

How Does Fence Builders San Jose Compare to other Fencing Companies in San Jose, CA?

Fence Builders San Jose aims to provide you with the best fencing service as possible. We work closely with our customers, listening to and understanding their wants and needs for their fence. Once we fully understand what the customer is trying to accomplish, we can better accommodate our customers. To us, our customers are more than just customers. They are people just like the rest of us who want to feel secure in the comfort of their home, and want to relax knowing their commercial property is well protected.
Not only does our fence company install and repair fences, gates, and balcony railings, we function as a fence contractor as well. As a fence contractor we can guarantee that our customers will get everything they desire for their fencing needs. Part of being a fence contractor means that we will draft up contracts for our customers. This will guarantee that all parties involved are on the same page and that there are no surprises when everything is finished.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we will always work hard to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their fence service!

satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by the best fence contractors in san jose

We shoot for 100% customer satisfaction on every fence installation we do! Call to talk to one of our professionals today!

High Quality Fence Materials is What Sets San Jose Fence Builders Apart! A word from the owner:

What has set us apart at Fence Builders San Jose is the use of only the highest quality fence installation materials available. We have strong relationships with the fencing supply stores in the area. This gaurtunees we are getting the best quality materials as well as being able to pass along the best possible price for your San Jose fence installation. 

Not only do we have a strong relationship with the fence suppliers in San Jose, but we also have a great relationship with Santa Clara County. We know the right people to talk to in the correct building departments to help obtain your fence permit quicker. We are not one of those companies that takes months to pull a fencing permit due to not knowing the proper paperwork needed. Have a piece of mind knowing you are working with the top rated fence installation company in San Jose California! 

Everytime we do a new fence installation, we make sure to install properly. What this means is we take the time to mark the correct easement and exact area the fence is supposed to go.

Whether you want a simple wood fence installation or a custom wrought iron fence with an automatic gate, we have the experience to get the job done for you. Our dedication to client satisfaction is what has set us apart. We will take the time to help you pick the best materials for your specific fence installation needs. Our team of expert fence contractors will actually give you the time of day and explain the pros and cons of a vinyl fence installation versus a wooden fencing installation. 

All in all, at Fence Builders San Jose we strive to offer only the highest level of services available to San Jose California residents. If you have any questions we urge you to reach out to our helpful team! As always we offer free estimates for fence installation services in San Jose area and all of Santa Clara County.

Why Choose the Best Fence Company in San Jose—Fence Builders!

This San Jose, CA based company is very choosy about our fencing products because we aim to provide craftsman quality. Our fence contractors are detail oriented and will only use the best quality of materials in the fencing industry to build and/ or repair your fence. We offer top-quality fences, including wood, vinyl, chain linked, and even more in the San Jose area. We understand that no one person is the same, which is why we offer a variety of fence styles as well. Whatever your fencing needs may be, Fence Builders San Jose is the best fence company in San Jose, California, and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied working with us, and with the finished product.

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Ready for Fence Installation Services in San Jose? CALL NOW

Fence Builders San Jose, CA, strives to deliver excellent customer service and fencing services. You will enjoy working with us first hand, and you will enjoy your new or fixed fence even more. We inform our customers about everything they need to know from the fence installation process, to why the material you choose is the best material for your fence. We also function as fence contractors, which helps us guarantee your satisfaction. We are not like other fence companies in the San Jose, CA area. Instead we aim to work first hand with our customers to guarantee they get exactly what they need.

If you are ready to have a fence installed, feel free to give us a call or even fill out the online quote form. One of our friendly customer service representatives will contact you to discuss your fencing needs. We can set up appointments, and will even come out to your property to do a fence consultation. We communicate regularly with our customers, giving them honest updates on their fence, and will notify them once the fence is finished. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or even for a quote. We are always happy to help!

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Fence Builders San Jose is located San Jose, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley – just 20 minutes away from the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC). Our convenient location in the valley allows us to install fences for residents of San Jose, as well as the surrounding areas, such as Palo Alto, Mountainview, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Fremont, and more. We strive to incorporate the sense of innovation embodied by the famous tech companies in the Silicon Valley into our fence installation practices. We are just 25 minutes away from the Googleplex, 20 minutes away from Stanford University, and 30 minutes away from Apple Palo Alto!

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Directions from Googleplex to Fence Builders San Jose. Head north toward Amphitheatre Pkwy. Turn left onto Amphitheatre Pkwy. Continue onto Rengstorff Ave. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left to merge onto US-101 S toward San Jose. Merge onto US-101 S. Take the exit onto San Tomas Expy. Merge onto San Tomas Expy. Turn left onto Moorpark Ave. Turn right onto Eden Ave. Turn left onto Myles Ct. Turn right onto Teresi Ct.